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Ownership made EASY

 Realizing the DREAM of YACHT OWNERSHIP may seem challenging


  • what is the full extent of my investment 
  • would I be able to safely skipper my yacht in adverse conditions ?
  • who will take care of my baby ?
  • how do I ensure this machine "with it's many systems" remains  fully operational ?
  • will this investment be a life style  for the family vacation dream ?

Dream of yacht ownership

We all relate sailing to life style. What style of yacht will suit my family, I need experienced advice before making this commitment. Yes, there are many yachts in international locations, where do I start?​

Our experts can guide you, let you experience many styles of yachts  through our charter operations before you buy your yacht.
an appointment with one of our boating experts will help you hone in on the ideal yacht for your family. This includes not only, the yacht design but also one that suits your budget. now and into the future ownership.

We will compile

I'm the Skipper

Free Training 


Our nationally renowned sailing school has instructors with the highest skill and will train you and your family to safely skipper the yacht during your lifestyle vacations in the pristine waters of British Columbia. You learn the skills of sailing, daily maintenance and docking that will transform your boating experiences into fabulous memories for the family.

See our sailing school activities

Explore the Caribbean this Winter

Ask us for details


Life Cycle investment


Our experts can detail the costs of a number of investment options complete with 

  • the full purchase cost for a number of yachts
  • possible short term upgrades
  • annual maintenance costs and activities
  • your training needs
  • revenue options that meet your needs
  • international yachting benefits
  • lifestyle activity 
  • docking in the most convenient marina and commute

Arrange a meeting with our professional yacht sales executives to discuss your every need and share in the knowledge......

CARE - Maintenance & Detailing

Yacht maintenance requires special knowledge and many hours of dedication, we take care of theses chores while you run your business many miles away. We are on the docks everyday including when the weather conditions require close monitoring of your yachts mooring. Peace of mind ownership is what you need, leave it to our team to take care of your yacht.

Yacht detailing is much like caring for your Ferrari


Let our experienced staff clean and detail your yacht just as well as we do our charter fleet with the knowledge and attention to detail we are renowned for . This allows you and the family the freedom to have fun, arrive timely for your flights while we prepared your dream yacht for the next departure on a trip into adventure. Keeping your investment in the best possible condition is what we do best and your yacht is always ready for fun adventures.


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