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Striper Boats

Striper Boats - Superior boating

What's beneath your passion?


With both feet planted firmly on the Striper deck, you lean back against the fish. He's nearly spooled you twice, but that won't happen again. You're in charge. His sides flash like precious metal just feet beneath the V Trac hull. Your buddy readies the gaff. He has already opened the fish box door. You'll be eating like kings tonight. 

Build your boat

Every inch of your Striper V Trac hull translates into better performance


For more brawls with big fish, you need precise boat control and a layout designed for serious angling. That's Striper's claim to fame. Discover all the ways our hand-built V-Trac hulls perform with power at wave-breaking speed, while delivering nimble control when trolling.



Deep, wide bows maximize steering control while minimizing shaking and porpoising for the best ride on big water.



Our hull strike designs give you better water traction, superior cornering and more overall control in all speeds and conditions.



Self-bailing decks send water overboard where it belongs, for a dryer ride, more efficient cleanup and less deck wear.



Every available open space within our composite stringer system is sprayed with high-buoyancy foam for safety. The foam also absorbs vibration and reduces noise. A Striper ride is smooth, solid and assured.



Our composite transoms will not fail, and like the entire hull are warranted for life. Plus they run the full width of the boat, so it's easier to mount aftermarket equipment.

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