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Yacht Care & Maintenance

Protecting your investment is our top priority. We take great care in ensuring your yacht is taken care of by our qualified staff.



Yacht Maintenance


Our YachtCare program includes major and other maintenance services and reconstruction. We understands the importance of taking good care of an expensive vessel. We will not compromise our maintenance standards. Our technical team recognizes that preventative maintenance is paramount!


The goal of our yachtcare program is to protect your investment by implementing strict maintenance schedules and checks and having them carried out by experienced and conscientious staff.


Services Available

  • Diesel & Gas Engine maintenance

  • Electrical & Electronic systems

  • Sail Repairs

  • Propane system repairs

  • Diving - Hull inspection and Zincs

  • Haul Outs & bottom  maintenance

  • Parts Supply

  • Outboard Servicing

  • Heaters - Espar & Wabasto

  • Rigging

  • Fiberglass works

  • Plumbing System repairs

  • Upholstery

Our professional staff perform installation and repairs to all the systems on our charter yacht fleet and offer these services to transient boater in the region.​

YachtCare/Watch Program


Our Yacht Care program is designed to ensure maximum protection of your investment.  We provide continuous maintenance programs and checks which are carried out by our experienced and conscientious staff. These services include:​​


  • The security of all mooring lines, power cables, chafe gear and fenders.    ​

  • Bilge pump operation and bilge levels.

  • External check for vandalism and other damage.

  • Test battery to ensure optimum battery condition.

  • Internal check for water damage and leakage.

  • Airing of boats on good weather days.

  • Monthly engine runs and and inspection of other systems.

  • Inspect sail covers, dodgers and awnings for security & wind damage.

  • Notify owners of any problems that arise and provide additional services as required.

  • Frequent deck washes to remove aviation & marine pollution 

Contact us for more information on our Yacht Care program (250) 656-7070

Detailing Services


Waxing and Buffing

Deck wash to ensure surface is suitable for waxing. Application of quality wax, buffing followed by a final deck wash to remove any dust particles.​


We can tailor varnishing to meet your needs including touch ups, to complete boat varnishing services. Our team will make your woodwork look beautiful.

Gel Coat and Fiberglass Repairs

On occasion you might experience small mishaps that can affect the appearance of your boat.  We provide full fiberglass repair and Gel Coat services. 



The main goal of winterization is to prepare the boat for long winter.  We do inside and outside cleaning preventing any mildew growth during the layover as well as providing preventative maintenance.  Our winterization package includes:

Comprehensive cleaning of all interior and exterior surfaces.

Wax application from waterline up.

Isinglass & Canopies are cleaned and properly treated.​

All heads are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

All interior carpets vacuumed and treated with stain protection and if necessary steam cleaning will be performed.

All inside and outside stainless steel, chrome and brass-polished.

Comprehensive cleaning of refrigerator, freezer and deck bar fridge, oven and stove, drawers, cabinets, under floorboards,   windows, portholes, blinds,  upholstery steam cleaning if needed.

Additional services available at your request

Spring Re-Commissioning

Once Spring is in the air, it's time to get your boat prepped for summer use.  During the pre-season detailing and waxing you can choose a variety of options on how to prepare the present your investment.

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