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Sunsail Yachts built by Beneteau

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your Horizons.



Regardless of your Yacht Ownership needs, you've

come to the right place! ​We offer various ways to

bring you the pride and joy of yacht ownership

while making the yacht sales process simple

and seamless. Our goal is to get you from

choosing to cruising.


As the world's largest charter yacht management

program Sunsail offers great boats, locations and

prices with plenty of flexibility and freedom.


Sunsail Yachts are proudly manufactured by

Groupe Beneteau, with the Beneteau Oceanis

line providing many successful charter ownership and cruising stories.



These fine Sunsail yachts and programs are made available exclusively in Canada by

Sunsail Prefered Partner Island Cruising Yacht Charters and Sailing School in Sidney, BC, Canada.





Beneteau has committed itself to in-depth reflection on the development of the sailing yacht for new generations of sailors as much as for people from countries in which sailing is a growing culture.


Many great solutions have been provided by Beneteau over the last few years to make sailing simpler and more affordable. More innovations are being offered from Beneteau's Boat of the Future program.




Hard-Chined Hulls, on the Sense and Oceanis range of sailing yachts have considerably reduced heeling and enabled a complete review of the interior and exterior fittings’ ergonomics. In search of new pleasures, the general public were quickly won over by the increased comfort on board and safety.



Dock&Go, which synchronizes a rotating saildrive pod and bow thruster, the exclusive solution offered by Beneteau for four years now, takes away the stress of manoeuvring in the harbour. A child could now come alongside a pontoon with a 50-footer, no matter the wind or current.


Simplification, always looking towards simplification, the many recent developments make sailing itself more accessible. The integration of GPS, educational software or automatic assistance with some manoeuvres, now makes things easier for new sailors and considerably alleviates the physical efforts of the crew. 




No other builder enjoys the economies of scale available to Beneteau. As an integral part of the world’s largest sailboat building group, Beneteua benefits by having access and influence with top-shelf suppliers. This allows us the highest quality materials and components, sourced from the leading suppliers, at appreciable savings to our customers.

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