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Sunsail Yachts

See the World.



Regardless of your Yacht Ownership needs, you've

come to the right place! ​We offer various ways to

bring you the pride and joy of yacht ownership

while making the yacht sales process simple

and seamless. Our goal is to get you from

choosing to cruising.


As the world's largest charter yacht management

program Sunsail offers great boats, locations and

prices with plenty of flexibility and freedom.


Sunsail Yachts are proudly manufactured by

Groupe Beneteau and based on the Jeanneau and

Beneteau range of luxury yachts. These new luxury yachts are only available for purchase if placed under a 5 year charter management program with Island Cruising Yacht Charters in Sidney, BC, Canada.  ​




The Jeanneau Formula for success: Combine 50 years of practical boat building savoir-faire with the latest construction technologies. Invest in and continuously improve technologically advanced factories with ergonomic production lines, computerized processes and efficient logistic supply chains. Translate the efficencies into lower costs and higher quality for the customer.




20 years ago Jeanneau developed a closed moulding process called Prisma Process. This technological edge yields a higher-quality part with a lower weight, but also reduces airborne VOCs by 90% as compared with traditional GRP moulding, thus making it a much greener way to produce boats.




Rich interior woodworking has always been a signature of Jeanneau quality. Using fine quality hardwoods and marine composites, computerized varnishing machines and CNC routers provide precision parts finished to industrial tolerances. These are then individually assembled with the experienced eye and hand of the craftsman.




No other builder enjoys the economies of scale available to Jeanneau. As an integral part of the world’s largest sailboat building group, Jeanneau benefits by having access and influence with top-shelf suppliers. This allows us the highest quality materials and components, sourced from the leading suppliers, at appreciable savings to our customers.

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